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Skylight Information
Sunshine Coast Skylights
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Buying a skylight need not be a complicated process:           phone 544 999 29 or 0418 774 224

           Basically you want to let light from the roof through to your ceiling to brighten up your room.

           The size of the skylight is the important thing to consider.

                          1/   Is the room area you want to brighten up large or small?

                          2/  And how dark is this area?   

Simple put : You are looking for the right amount of light to do the job!

This is where the experience of the supplier and installer can be of great assistance

         We have over 20 years experience with many happy and satisfied customers.

                         Our supply and installation service is professional and reliable.

The Skylight:

     While there are a number of different manufactures, there are basically four components that make up a skylight.

              Firstly:  The FLASHING that is attached to the roof. There are are several materails used in this area.
                          There is Zincalume steel (most metal roofs profiles are made with this) aluminiun and polypropylene.
                           We prefer to use zincalume steel when possible.

              Secondly: The DOME that is attached to the flashing. This can be made of different acrylics each
                           having different
 strengths and durabilty. Laminated glass is also another option and is very robust.
                                  We prefer to use high impact acyrlic or laminated glass.                                                    

              Thirdly: The SHAFT. This connects the flashing to the ceiling fitting. Again there are different options:
                          White polyester ply shaft, plaster board, flexable shaft made for skylights and solid tubing.
                                        Ply and plaster board are used mostly on square and rectangular skylights.
                                        Flexable and solid tubing is used on round skylights.
                          We use all types of shafts to suit the need.

              Lastly: The
CEILING TRIM. Again there is variety depending on the skylight fitted.
                          Square and rectangular skylights can have white plaster board end cap, timber or
                          white t-rail metal or plastic trim.
                          Round skylight ceiling trims vary but in general are white with a diffuser and fit flush to the ceiling.
                          We use and recommend most types to suit the need.

                  When all is said and done

            If you are looking for a quality skylight to suit your need, to brighten up that dark room
                                   We have over 20 years of experience,
                                   Coupled with reliable and professional service,
                                   And with a long list of happy and satisfied customers

We are confident this will be your experience too.

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